A. Account This service requires

Login to your account to do the work

Your account must be on Premium account status

Have at least 1 (one) Premium vehicle - tier 8

You are allowed to play on agreed schedule during contract period max 6 hrs per day You should not "play" the vehicle on the contract to keep it clean, other vehicless are free to use

If your account had been banned by WG in the past you have to declare it during contract drafting If you want to play together and have an alternate account you can do so (no coaching fee or anything)

Account banned by WG because of usage of this service (account sharing term) is not our responsibility

Your account security and secrecy will be kept to the highest standard

All the work will be done from our location in INDONESIA

B. Cancelation + If you cancel/change the job after we start and less than 25% done, refund is 50%​ + If you cancel/change after more than 25% of the job has been done, no refund​ + If we cancel the job even when more than 75% is done, 100% refund to you​

C. Fair Play and Clean Game = No prohibited mods / Bots / Exploits, all the work always be done by manual / hand leveling​ = No battle chat abuse / game violation​ = Paid VPN service (we dont use free VPN)​