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A. Account 

  • Your account must be on Premium account status

  • Have at least 1 Premium tank tier 8

  • You are allowed to play on agreed schedule during contract period max 6 hrs per day. This to give us flexibility to adjust to MM and players on random battle pattern

  • You should not “play” the tank on the contract to keep the tank clean, other tanks are free to use

  • On most occasion we do not grind on Sunday, except for some time limited contract for example CW, Ranked Battles or Event

B. Fair Play and Clean Game

  • No battle chat abuse / violation

  • No battle rigging

  • Battle replays will be sent to you every time we get ACE or heroic medal

  • Minimum WN8 1800


  • Paypal with invoicing , this is the primary payment method to be used

  • Bank Transfer (job will be started after the fund is received)

  • Western Union (payment must be made Mon – Sat), Fee is your responsibility

* Listed price including paypal fee (on me)
* I will send invoice to your paypal and to your email as a confirmation (you have to reply and confirm)