F.A.Q :
  • Is this safe for my account?
Yes. We can say we are the safest service provider, because we don’t run the service from many places. Unlike other services which use many players from different places or country.  We play from the same place.
We take serious steps to assure your account is safe and anonymous
  • How long have we been doing this?
We have been working on this boosting and levelling service for more than 3 Years and not a single account had ever been banned
  • Any illegal mods or tricks in use?
No, we don’t use any illegal mods and / or battle rigging. It may be surprising to you but many service providers don’t care about clients account as long as they get the payment and get the job done whatever methods they deem easier for them.
We do all the work manual by hand, no bots, no violation.
You can even use the replay in competition because it is totally clean vanilla game client.
  • Any way to learn how we play?
Yes, every time we get heroic or epic medal we can send the replays to you. So you can learn how we do it and why.
One more thing that differs us from other service providers are we never ask for fee for the so called “Coaching”. All you need is another account to play together with your account on our hands, no fee, no hassle.
  • Can you play during contract period?
Yes you can, just arrange the schedule and we make sure we don’t bump to each other schedule. All that we need is at least 16 hours of time per day to arrange our work time and rest time.